Desenio Group

Bond issue

In December 2020, Desenio Group AB (publ) issued a senior secured bond in the amount of SEK 1,100 million in connection with the acquisition of Poster Store Sverige AB. The bond bears a floating interest of STIBOR 3m +5,5% and mature in December 2024. Transaction costs in connection with the bond issue amounted to approximately SEK 35 million and will be reported as interest cost over the bond period. The bond, which has a framework amount of SEK 1,800 million, is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Open Market Quotation Board and on Nasdaq Stockholm. The terms and conditions for the bond contains customary positive and negative undertakings, inter alia, restrictions regarding incurring additional indebtedness, granting of additional security, disposal of assets, distributions and provision of loans, in each case subject to certain agreed exceptions and thresholds.